The Kills


Image: Dream & Drive Montage

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The 10 year anniversary of The Kills will be celebrated with the release of "Dream & Drive", a special luxury photography book 16th August 2012.

The book documents over nine years of the band's career, with a selection of intimate behind the scenes, press and live shots taken by their friend and long time collaborator, the renowned photographer Kenneth Cappello.

"These are photos of locomotion. Silent visions of things turned up past their load. The tremble of the nightclub, the dive of backstage temporaries, electricity flung like paint through space, the FACE, the posture, the vehicle that hounds the road, sweats. I know when we're looking straight on, we're looking straight through. And I suppose it's the drift and swing, that shows you who you are, and that music is a force and really is, all it's cracked up to be. These photos make me remember everything." - A. Mosshart